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Trails in Notheast Oregon

Mt. Emil.y area

Owsley Canyon-Igo Lane-Mt. Emily
From easy to skilled, a wide variety of 4-season trails available for hiking, running, horsebacking, mountain biking, and x-country skiing. This 3700-acre recreation area is accessible from La Grande, Oregon via I-84 at exit 261. A short drive north from the freeway interchange take you right to your choice of several trail heads. A Trail Map is available by clicking here.

Owsley Canyon Trailhead Map


Umatilla Rim - Horseshoe Prairie Trail
Located just off Highway 204 across from Andres Prairie parking lot near Spout Springs Resort, this 9-mile singletrack route offers scenic overlooks of the Umatilla River Wilderness area.

Umatilla Rim aerial view
Fraser Campgroun area

Fraser Campground - Lehman Hot Springs Trail System
Located about 40 miles west of La Grande via Highway 244 on the Umatilla National Forest. Some singletrack and lots of great ATV doubletrack routes consisting of many loop rides from 5 to 40 miles in length.

Breshears - Mt. Fanny Trail
Located about 20 miles east of La Grande, this 20+-mile round-trip trail skims along the ridgeline overlooking the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley and features expansive valley scenes as well as the distant Elkhorn Mountain Range.
Aerial view of Breshears area
Two mountain bicyclists on the Elkhorn Crest Trail

Elkhorn Crest - Marble Pass to Sumpter or the North Powder River
A 20+-mile singletrack shuttle route accessible from Marble Pass out of Baker City. This challenging ride along the Elkhorn Mountain Crest is a technical trail route at the 7000-foot elevation level, but offers spectacular scenery. Sections of the trail route within the wilderness area are closed to motorized vehicles. Alternate destinations are the historic town of Sumpter or the North Fork of the Powder River.



Indian Creek/Bear Butte/Gorham Butte (Anthony Lakes area) Trails
There are at least 11 miles of singletrack/doubletrack trails that are maintained in the area. Stop by The Mt Works on Adams Ave in La Grande (541-963-3220) and pick up a map if you have not been to the area before—no trail signs.

Directions: take the Anthony Lakes Hwy to USFS Rd 7312. Turn right on 7312 and go about ¾ of a mile to the intersection of USFS Rds 7312 and 7320. Park on your right (at this intersection). Ride ~ 300 ft up Rd 7312 to the intersection with Rd 7315. Ride up USFS Rd 7315, which is on your left and gated (take the trail around gate). From this point follow the bike tracks since there are no signs. The ride includes a series of stacked loops which bring you back to the parking area.



Echo TrailEcho Trails
For those of you that need a good bike/trail/hike on dry soil head to the Echo, Oregon trails ! The riding is incredible. Most of the trail loops are silt loam to fine sand in composition, and smooth. A couple of side loops (Trail C) include some rocky areas and exposure, but overall the riding is great—no mud, no snow and a good choice for early or late season rides.

So here are the directions to get there:

Take I-84 to the Echo/Lexington Exit 193; turn left at the stop sign. Follow the signs to Echo—about 4 miles. Turn right at the first stop sign in Echo (right turn without stopping), go ¼ mile and turn left—over the RR tracks and into downtown ECHO…Stay on the main drag through Echo (there is no sign to downtown, but it's left on Main Street, the road toward Lexington), cross the Umatilla River and Westland Irrigation Canal (total distance is about 1 mile) until you reach the top of the hill---turn left on Snow Road (gravel). The total distance from downtown ECHO to Snow Rd is about one mile. Go left (south) on Snow Rd for about 1.6 miles until you come to a WINDMILL on your left—turn left on the gravel road next to the WINDMILL (east). Follow this gravel road for about 0.7 miles (there will be several rock pits on the right and a pheasant hunting club sign on your left) and at the bottom of the hill, turn right through the gate. The parking lot is here and the Trail Signs are up and easily visible (A Trail).Echo sign The UTM GPS coordinates for the parking lot are :

11 T 0328836

Park here and ride A Trail---most people ride the loop counterclockwise—but either way is fun. A Trail makes a loop back to the parking lot—other trail loops take off but all link back in to A Trail and the parking lot—you cannot get lost !!!! Total ascent is about 1,500 ft if you ride all the trails. If you ride at a leisurely pace, expect the entire loop(s) to take about 2 hrs. A double track runs up the middle of the area so you can bail and ride it back to the parking lot at any time. Bring water. The trails are dog and kid friendly and a great respite from the snow.

Take your shovel, McCleod, Pulaski or brush cutters along and do about 15 to 30 minutes of trail work to help out—remember…don’t be a Singletrack Slacker !

Kennewick, WA State Police Trails
Take the 395 Exit at Kennewick (off Hwy 82), go ½ mile and turn right on the first paved road (access to the WA State Police office). Park at the concrete barriers—located about 600 ft south of Hwy 395. Really fast, non-technical trail system.

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