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For addresses to Forest Capital and Union County Commisioners see the Action Alert


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To be included on one of our email lists:

In order to help get our act together, the coalition is setting up some email lists to allow us to communicate more effectively with each other.

If you're not familiar with how email lists work, a list allows someone to send a message to a single email address and reach many others who are presumably interested in that message, without needing to know the email addresses of all those many people themselves. Advantages of email list also extend to those receiving messages. You can add yourself to an email list and start receiving its messages without needing to notify every other person in the list. Perhaps even better, you can remove yourself from a list you aren't interested in any longer, and immediately stop receiving any email from it.

Because different people people desire different levels of involvement in this project, we are setting up three different lists (NOTE -- the names of the lists are actually images -- you cannot click on them to send a message. Please type the addresses you see in your email client to send a message. This helps prevent these important email addresses from being harvested by the spammers).

email address:  coalition at - This list is expected to be used for those active in coalition organizing, or with a interest in detailed knowledge of day-to-day organizing activities. If you are on this list expect to get a LOT of email. Messages will be consisting of documents to review, discussions of schedules, and other nitty-gritty that you will most likely only care about if you are frequently attending coalition organization meetings or are otherwise intensively involved in planning activities. This list is a two-way communication channel. Anyone on the list can send messages, and they will be received by ALL others. Consequently, good etiquette calls for only sending messages that you are reasonable sure a significant portion of list members will be interested in. It is considered BAD etiquette for people to use the list to send personal messages to each other; sort of like being in a restaurant and talking in a loud voice about your latest proctology exam.

email address:  supporters at - This list is expected to be used by those not so active in day-to-day organizing, but interested in connecting, networking and brainstorming with other Mt. Emily Recreation Area supporters. You could get a lot of messages on this list, or not. It all depends on how the actual participants use it. This list is also a two-way communication channel, so the etiquette suggestions listed above also apply here.

email address:  announcements at - This list is expected to be used by coalition organizers to broadcast announcements of general interest to all those interested in the Mt Emily Recreation Area. Expect announcements of public meetings, notification of letter writing campaigns, information on significant new developments... that sort of thing. This is a ONE-WAY communication channel, so you can expect to get fewer messages on this list.

IT'S YOUR DECISION HOW YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED. You MUST take action to be included in any of these email lists. You also must take some action if you would like to be removed from any participation in these lists. Decide what you want, and act appropriately.

To add yourself to these email lists.

2) Send an email to <name of the list> for each email list you would like to subscribe to.

The same two methods work for removing yourself from a list. The email address used would be <name of the list> in that case.

If you are being added to one of the email lists, you will need to reply to a confirmation message sent to you after you subscribe. This ensures that you really did want to participate in these interactive lists (no one signed you up without your knowledge or consent) and that we have your correct email address. Also, for those of you that use more than one email address, you will need to let us know any other email addresses you intend to use for sending messages. Only messages from subscribed email addresses are forwarded on to the remainder of the list members (essential for controlling spam.)


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